BFA Studio Art graduate from Chapman University.

Lydia McKee's artistic journey began in London, England, where she first discovered her passion for art. Her exploration of various art mediums took flight during her time in New York City, where she honed her skills and studied different artistic disciplines.

Throughout her academic journey, Lydia continued to cultivate her talents, with a particular focus on contemporary subjects that reflected her deep-seated passion for pop culture and feminism. Her artistic expression spans across illustration, painting, and design, showcasing her versatility and creativity.

Lydia's expertise extends to digital brand illustrations, exterior murals that add artistic flair to outdoor spaces, and hand-painted clothing that infuses fashion with unique artistic touches and captivating live painting events. Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Lydia has established herself as a dedicated freelance artist, designer, and creative professional.

Her portfolio includes collaborations on social media campaigns with fashion and beauty brands, the illustration of books that bring stories to life with visual artistry, and partnerships in content creation spanning both the digital and physical realms. Lydia's work not only reflects her boundless creativity but also her commitment to blending art with the ever-evolving landscape of modern culture.

Lydia McKee Art Studio

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