Live Painting

Whether it's collaborating with brands by adding her artistic touch to their merchandise, creating artworks on canvas or painting at her own pop-up events, Lydia invites people to watch her painting process in action. 

Lydia uses her artistic skills to blend her creativity across various mediums. While teaming up with brands, Lydia adds her unique artistic flair to their merchandise during these interactive, live painting sessions. Whether she's working on a canvas or hosting one of her own clothing line events, Lydia invites people to join her in the creative process. 

Her live painting sessions are filled with color and memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on everyone who joins in on the artistic fun.

LM x The Webster Art Basel, Miami, Fl

In-store live painting activation and shopping event. Exclusive hand-painted, sustainable collection for The Webster.

Art Basel 2023

LM x The Webster Art Basel, Miami Fl

Lydia McKee Brand: Hand-painted clothing, live painting & custom designs.

Art Basel 2021

Apecade at Fred Segal, Los Angeles

Live canvas and hoodie painting for “Apecade” nft’s.

Fred Segal's Artcade, LA

Live canvas and hoodie painting for “Apecade” nft’s.

Rarely Heard Voices, Los Angeles

LA conference with interactive canvas painting.

Flexpower, Malibu, CA

Tote bag painting for Flexpower sunscreen launch event.

SeaVee's Shoe Event, LA

Live shoe painting for SeaVee’s customization event.


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