Lydia has left an artistic mark on Los Angeles by designing and painting a captivating gelato-themed mural. Located at the heart of Gelato Festival on Melrose Avenue, in what can only be described as their delightful "piazza," this mural offers a visual treat for visitors as they indulge in delicious gelato. Lydia's ingenuity shines through as she skillfully incorporated the brand's pastel color palette into the artwork, ensuring it harmoniously aligns with their branding.

Beyond this feat, Lydia has also lent her artistic talents to creating enchanting murals in children's playrooms for her private clients. Her versatility and creativity extend beyond Gelato Festival, making her the perfect collaborator for brands seeking murals in their stores, cafes, private homes and various other spaces. 

Lydia is eager to continue her artistic journey, including crafting stunning murals for weddings and events, bringing her unique touch to these special occasions. She works closely with brands to gain a full understanding of their desires, infusing her creative input into every project to create truly captivating and customized artworks.

Gelato Festival: Mural

Gelato Mural Banner


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